Canada's Ocean, Freshwater & US

Our Partners

The Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition (COLC) is an alliance of organizations, networks, institutions, and communities working together to empower Canadians to better understand, value, and care for the ocean. We coordinate and lead national joint action projects, such as Ocean Week Canada, to advance the implementation of the Canadian Ocean Literacy Strategy.

Ocean Week Canada is an annual national celebration of ocean events, learning, and engagement held during the week of World Ocean Day (June 8th). COLC coordinates with over 100 partners across regions, sectors, and scales, to develop a national program of events and engagement tools. Together, we raise public awareness and celebrate our connection to coastal areas, the ocean, and watersheds in Canada. We recognize the important role the ocean plays in our everyday lives and how local waterways connect us all with the ocean and each other.

Ocean School is a free environmental education resource for students in grades 5-12. Our inspiring and immersive multimedia resources featuring linear and 360˚ videos, VR/AR, interactive media and hands-on projects and activities are offered in English and French. Our cross-curricular content spans science, social studies, language arts and more!

The Indigenous Leadership Initiative is dedicated to facilitating the strengthening of Indigenous Nationhood for the fulfillment of the Indigenous responsibility to our lands, the emergence of new generations of Indigenous leaders, and helping communities develop the skills and capacity that they will need as they continue to become fully respected and equally treated partners in Canada’s system of governance and its economic and social growth.