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Princess Louisa
Diane Selkirk
Diane Selkirk
Diane Selkirk
Diane Selkirk
Location: British Columbia
Approximate Area: 27 hectares
Date of Designation: 1965
Conservation Objectives

To protect the biodiversity, natural geography and cultural heritage of Princess Louisa Inlet.


It is prohibited to fish or to harvest shellfish within Princess Louisa Inlet, which has been declared a Rock Fish Conservation Area and a year-round Shellfish closure.

Why (environmental context for protection)

Princess Louisa Inlet is home to a large range of animal life, including seals, eagles, grizzly bears, and several species of rockfish. The rockfish and shellfish of the inlet are of particular ecological concern, and are protected within the park. It is also home to a 2,100 metre-tall granite-walled gorge, and over 60 waterfalls. It is named swiwelát, or “sunny and warm,” by the shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation, and belongs to the Nation’s traditional territory.